Anonymous asked: I forgot my iPhone 4s passcode. Can you help?

Well, restoring your iPhone from iTunes should be your last option, as you might not have recently backed up. Luckily,  you can reset your password by iFunBox. But first, make sure your iPhone is jailbreaked. The steps are quite simple.

Steps to follow:

1. Connect your iPhone to computer and open iFunBox

2. Find and expand Raw File System

raw file

3. Go into /var/keychains and delete “keychain-2.db” file


4. Restart your iPhone

Demo video: How to remove ipod/iphone password


>> Non-jailbroken users see Reset Password Part 2

Any other questions? See our FAQ

One Thought on “How to reset iPhone password with iFunBox – Part 1

  1. well when I go on ifunbox then raw filw system there isn’t a folder called VAR

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