There are several different methods of hacking games, some are easy to learn while some are pretty hard for beginners with no technical background. But today, we’re going to introduce the easiest method which you can hack with iFunBox: Pre-made Hack. Obviously, the easiest way to get into apps is to download other people’s hacks and use them. So, here’s a brief tutorial on how to unlock In-App-Purchase of a game. Let’s take “Supermarket Management (Free)” as an example to show you how to unlock all levels.

Note, please appreciate developer’s efforts, stop installing cracked apps. This tutorial is for educational purposes only!  Also, pre-made hack only works for certain games, not all of them. The demo game may have gone or changed, therefore the following method may not work by the time you see this post.

How to cheat with pre-made hack?

1. Install Supermarket Management (Free) in your iPhone

2. Run the game and then close it from the background by double-clicking the Home button

3. Connect your iPhone to PC and open iFunBox

4. Navigate to the [Supermarket Management Free] app sandbox under [User Applications]


5. Drag & drop the hack file to [Documents]>[]


6. Run the game again. What do you see this time? Boom! All the levels are unlocked now. hahaha…


Alright, this is the simplest method of all: using other people’s hack. Sometimes you can find other forms of pre-made hack files like .archive or .bin or .save files. All you have to do is replacing the old one with the same name in [Documents]. Remember, you’d better backup the old file before replacing it if you want to roll back to your previous game process!

See this demo video: Temple Run Unlimited Coin Hack- NO Jailbreak (iFunBox)

Where to find hacks?

Of course you can google it first! Youtube is also a good resource. Cydia? Sure, but you must jailbreak first. Besides, here’s a very useful forum for iOS hackers: iapphacks, where you can learn all the hacking tricks and find all the latest free hacks by other hackers. Check it out.

Any other questions? See our FAQ



One Thought on “How to unlock In-App-Purchase with iFunBox

  1. ISOHaven on March 29, 2013 at 11:45 am said:

    Or just hack the files yourself. Been doing this since day 1 and it really has nothing to do with IAPs. You are simply altering the games data to give you whatever you want. Point being, you do the exact same thing on IAP games and NON IAP games.

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