Tired of using iFunBox with USB cable and wondering how to set up iFunBox Wi-Fi sync? It works just like traditional USB sync but without the cable! Here’s how to get it going:

1. Make sure your iPhone is connected to your Wi-Fi network and running the latest version.

2. Make sure the PC running iTunes is connected to the same Wi-Fi network and is running the latest iTunes version.

3. Plug in the device you want to setup Wi-Fi network with.

4. When it’s been¬†recognized, click your device on the top of iTunes and then select Summary in the header bar.

5. Scroll down, select Sync with this iPhone over Wi-Fi, and Apply.

6. Disconnect USB cable and open iFunBox.

That’s it. Now you can see the wifi sign appearing on the iFunBox.

Demo video :How to use iTunes Wi-Fi Sync

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2 Thoughts on “How to use iFunBox wifi connection

  1. Nice share thanks for the information!
    A happy WiFi Guy!

  2. chaplin85 on March 26, 2013 at 12:45 am said:

    great post thanks a lot

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