Dong Nguyen, the creator of  Flappy Bird, shut it down for good, said ”I cannot take this anymore.” Yes, lots of people couldn’t this anymore. They pissed off. They deleted the app. They began to hate life. Why? Because the game cares so little for user experience, but you find yourself even more devoted to it.

flappy bird score

It is said that if Candy Crush is a designer drug, then Flappy Bird is the pure product, uncut with additives. But I think it’s just a game for killing minutes. The developer shouldn’t be blamed for making users addicted to the game. Luckily, the dev team didn’t do the stupid thing and still keeps the bird flying. Maybe we should sell it on ebay. LOL.


Okay, let’s cut to the chase. What’s the trick to get high score so that you can beat your friends’? The easiest way, of course, is to use a pre-made hack with iFunBox. We’ve talked about this method before, so let’s just check out this demo video by Pandachopstick Do.

Another method is hex editing, which is sort of difficult for beginners. You need a Hex editor to modify files in the game, particularly the files in the documents file within a game (.bin .dat .sav files work best). What you need is a good hex editor and iFunBox. Let’s see how this method work out.

1. Download Hex Workshop

2. Open iFunBox and find score.dat under Documents. Copy the score.dat to desktop.

ifunbox score

3. Open score.dat in Hex Workshop. Search for your best score. For example, my best score is 7. I guess it’s 07 in the left table. Then I change it to 100 in the right pane. Done.score initscore modscore done

4. Save the .dat file and go back to Documents in iFunBox. Replace it and then relaunch the game. Voila!

before  after

There’s one more interesting method for jailbroken users. With this method you could remove all the top pipes, making the game much easier to play. Watch this demo video by DoniTech. Brilliant!

flappy bird pipe

So that’s all for Flappy Bird and hacking methods. Have fun!

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